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winemusing.com is live …

Welcome to winemusing…..

Wine Muse has not really disappeared, it is just a refresh, a name change and a slight chance in focus really. After an extended trip to Europe, brimming with stories from all over Europe and not just Australia, I realised that I wanted to reflect this new content with an address that also had a more global outlook.

As a strictly independent blogger, I confess that I cannot justify the cost of freeing Wine Muse dot com version from that particular dot com URL sitter, plus I gave up after several attempts. Instead, I decided to use the URL I have in turn been sitting on for a few years …. and so we have the launch of winemusing.com.

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The RAW wine files – loud and naked


Perhaps, I am laying my soul bare when I say I do not like the term ‘natural’ wine. Perhaps, my soul has at least some essential coverings with the next statement. I am not necessarily against the wines themselves or the philosophy of minimal additives, processes and other types of intervention used in their production however. Being the curious soul that I profess to be, in the pursuit to discover more about these wines I attended the RAW Artisan Wine Fair in London in May 2015.

There was an amazing cornucopia of wines to be found that day in the Old Truman Brewery. All made with as little artifice and as much passion as possible. This is a great wine fair if you can get to one, I believe there will be another in Berlin, Germany later this year. Surprisingly, there were plenty of wines, organic and biodynamic wines, that you might buy any day without knowing that they fall into this category. Wineries such as Cullen, Seresin, Larmandier-Bernier and Chateau le Puy were all present.

To my way of thinking, to use the term ‘natural’ to categorise a wine is misleading and results in much confusion in the minds of wine drinkers.  Read More

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Wild Duck Creek Estate, Duck Muck, that Robert Parker score and a dog named Merv

WDCE Shiraz resLast week, I was privileged to get a visit from David ‘Duck’ Anderson. Right up front, I have a disclaimer. I am a long term member of the WDCE mailing list and buy wine from them each year at the advertised member price. Now, as a member of the Wild Duck Creek Estate mailing list I see Duck at least once a year when he delivers his mailing list wine orders. It does not matter that his red van has seen better days, he personally delivers these orders up and down the East coast, from Melbourne to Newcastle, making sure that he gets caught up on a year’s worth of news over a glass of wine.

This visit was different. Read More

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The latest reds at Costco


As a Costco shopper, I am always being asked what is available at Costco in the wine department. I sometimes mention wines available at Costco in my reviews.  I do shop at Costco. Like most winelovers, it is certainly not my only place to purchase the wine I drink.  It is however, the one that does not allow non-members to shop or even look around. It is worth asking around your friends and ask to accompany them on their next visit.

Here are some of the wines that you can find at Costco, Auburn now. There is a range of Australian wines and international wines to cover all budgets, this is just a small selection of the reds. The photos were taken last week (many apologies that I did not get them up earlier), the prices may well have changed in the meantime.

Note:  Costco is a membership only store . Another post on Costco can be found here.
Read More

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Andrew Thomas 2013 Red Release


Andrew Thomas from Thomas Wines has more than a couple of stories to tell, but in the spirit of his philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’, for now I will focus on just two …

One is a story about semillon from one of the renowned semillon vineyards in the Hunter Valley, Braemore, and all are made in that unique regional style. The other is a story about Shiraz. His simple white label adorns bottles containing just those two varieties. And they are ‘simply’ some of the best wines to be made in the Hunter.

Thomas is just one of the hard working Hunter winemakers who are so passionate Read More

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