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Back on-line London time!!

An apology, a move and lots of wine…..

richmondI most sincerely apologise for the lack of activity recently here on winemusing.com.  All is well! It has just been an incredibly busy, but exciting, last few months. I have now relocated to London but this will not change much about Winemusing at all since I made the decision in 2015 to have a more global approach to the content of the site anyway.

So, there will still be plenty of great Australian wines and winemakers plus plenty from the rest of the world too. And not just European wines either.

(Image: There are two bridges in the world that have captured my heart. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and this bridge across the Thames at Richmond. Both bring a smile to my face.)

Here are some quick answers to questions that I have found cropping up often about my move that I feel compelled to answer: Read More

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Winery Spotlight: Champagne Prat

Rock’n’Roll, Albert Einstein and a passion for bubbles…….

champagne-yveline-prat-wide-sourcedIn the past decade, the rest of the world has finally caught up with what the French have seemingly always known. A large proportion of the coveted fizz sold in France are ‘Grower’ Champagnes rather than from the large, sophisticated Champagne Houses. They put much credence in the Champagnes that have the term ‘recoltant-manipulant’ on the label, for here are the wines that often offer better value and more personality. Read More

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Wine of the Month: Champagne Georges de la Chapelle Brut Millesime 2006


The Prat family are a ‘hands on’ Champagne family and this wine is a testament to their passion for their work. Read More

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Unravelling pinot grigio blah!sh….


Of all the new learnings coming from my relocation to the UK, perhaps the most disappointing has been selection of rosé wine available on the ‘by the glass’ menus of pubs,bars and cafes around the country. In the noughties, ‘blush’ wines seemed to become a fashion necessity and the term was most often used to refer to the sweeter pink wines coming new world wine producing countries such as the USA. It seemed that the UK was going rosé crazy, and sparkling rosé in this sweeter style followed. Read More

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A new Hunter home for Andrew Thomas…. and that 2014 vintage!

thomas-kiss14-wmThere is always something worth discovering under the eponymous Andrew Thomas label and if you have not heard, recently Andrew Thomas has opened a place of his own in the Hunter Valley. This is just one of Thomas’ big moments in 2016 and on the professional front, it might be the most important.

For a label that has previously shared the limelight with other great Hunter wines at The Small Winemaker’s Centre this is a milestone moment. A sign that this label, specializing in the best expressions of semillon and shiraz that Australia’s Hunter Valley can produce (occasionally with some support from other regions), is ready to stand on its own. While you can still find his wines at the centre, there is now another reason to take that left at Broke Road.

It is a timely move too as his, and the much lauded Hunter Valley 2014 red vintage in general, will fill cellar doors throughout the region with wine lovers eager to get their lips around these wines. Read More

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Louis Latour Duet Chardonnay Viognier 2014

imageWhile wines from the Ardeche are still relatively unknown, Latour have been active in this French region since 1979. The large region on the western banks of the Rhone sits between the St Joseph, Cornas and the white only St Peray as northern appellation neighbours and to the south, the Cotes du Rhone appellation vineyards that are found on the western bank of the River. More familiar with making fine wine in Burgundy, Latour sought to expand its expertise, particularly that for producing Chardonnay, to Ardeche. The Duet, produced since 2002, takes on that Burgundian grape and adds the overtures of the Rhone native, Viognier. Read More

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