A Griffin from Croatia – Ivancic Griffin Single Vineyard 2015

Have you tried any of the wines beginning to come from Croatia yet?


Alas, I must confess that this was one of my first and I am now keen to try others.

The Griffin is a single vineyard blend by winemaker Krešimir Ivančić that brings some Chardonnay structure to the hardy, Northern Europe grape Muller Thurgau. The vineyards where these grapes were grown are some of the highest in the Plešivica region at around 400m and within a stone’s throw of Zagreb. The region is renowned for its white wines and sparkling wines, although you can find a red there too. Here he has used wild yeast fermentation and 12 months of battonage to introduce some extra dimension and fullness into his blend.

The aromas are heady honeysuckle, ripe peach, mandarine and some honeyed nectarine and spice arrives to join the lively blend on the palate. There is a satisfying fullness in the mouth, thanks to that lees work, with intense fruit and a yeasty spiciness on the length that finishes with a touch of pithiness. This finish is distracting so it does mean that this is a wine that is better with food so that you can concentrate instead on that fruit.  It currently sells for €12.99 and is a good wine to start the journey into this emergent wine region.

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