Back on-line London time!!

An apology, a move and lots of wine…..

richmondI most sincerely apologise for the lack of activity recently here on  All is well! It has just been an incredibly busy, but exciting, last few months. I have now relocated to London but this will not change much about Winemusing at all since I made the decision in 2015 to have a more global approach to the content of the site anyway.

So, there will still be plenty of great Australian wines and winemakers plus plenty from the rest of the world too. And not just European wines either.

(Image: There are two bridges in the world that have captured my heart. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and this bridge across the Thames at Richmond. Both bring a smile to my face.)

Here are some quick answers to questions that I have found cropping up often about my move that I feel compelled to answer:

Why have you moved from Australia to the UK?

This is hard to explain and many people to whom I have told feel that the decision defies logic, well, their own in any case. When we moved back to Sydney at the end of the 00’s, we did so for purely family reasons. We loved our life here in the UK and felt that we would always come back. It was just a matter of time. In saying that, we also loved our life in Sydney and I loved getting to know and working within the Australian Wine industry. The generosity of the people in that industry I had the privilege and pleasure to get to know and work with is something that will always stay with me.

However, travel has always been of great interest to us (my partner and me) and we simply love the fact that within an hour or two we can be somewhere in Europe with somewhere new to explore. This is still, and will always be, incredible to two country Queensland ‘kids.’

So, a major case of itchy feet that could no longer be denied.

How about that weather?

It might seem strange, however I LOVE the weather here.  Enough said… disbelievers will always have a closed mind!

Will I still work in wine?

Of course!

Now that I am not focused on moving tasks I can get back into the wine groove.  The UK is where I started my wine journey, so I fully expect to continue doing pretty much what I was doing in Australia. Writing, teaching, digital media management and some judging on the side. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the new regions that have emerged since I have been gone while making sure that I keep an interest with the Australian wine goings-on at the same time.

I will still attend as many tastings in London and abroad as I can to make sure that you see some of the most exciting new wines and vintage releases that I can find.

Thank you so much for your support and for continuing your journey with me!


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2 Responses to Back on-line London time!!

  1. Lil Dunford says:

    I hope things are going well. I emigrated to Canada and miss the Devon Countryside and history for sure. Do you miss the Aussie drive-thru off-licences though ha ha. I do love a good Australian Wine though 🙂

  2. Lisa Johnston says:

    Thanks. Australian drive-thrus are awesome particularly for picking up beer. I love Canada but I can understand your frustration if you are limited to picking your wine up from a government store :-(. Hope your Holidays are wonderful and white!!

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