Knowing your Moschofilero and Malagousia from your Mavrodaphne

santorini-wmAssyrtiko is hot right now. It’s like a summer holiday in a glass. With just one sip taking you to that exotic island of Santorini, looking out over the blue domed roofs and out over the blue, blue sea.  It is the white wine that is making wine drinkers sit up and take notice of what is happening in that ancient wine making country, Greece.

Assyrtiko is a grape that is only now beginning to be embraced in vineyards internationally. Peter Barry, from Jim Barry wines in Australia’s Clare Valley has recently released his take on the grape with 2016 being the first vintage of the Jim Barry Assyrtiko being available for sale.

This is the only non-Greek Assyrtiko I have come across and I have made it my priority to taste any new vintages of this wine as the vines gain some maturity.  These early vintages, lead me to believe the grape is in good hands with this family – a family who makes such pure expressions of the riesling grape. Read More

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Rosés from the South of France are so good that you will blush to drink anything else!!


As the weather starts warming up, thoughts turn toward lazy days full of sunshine and fun and as our thoughts lighten, often the colour and style of the wine in our glass become lighter too. Not that there isn’t a place for big, bold reds in the heat of summer. It is perhaps better that they are left for cooler evenings or around tables where temperatures are rather more chilled than the temperature outside. Sitting in the hazy sunshine Read More

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So, you think you know all there is to Australian wine!

Four Australian icon wines that will make you eager for more ….



Mount Pleasant Elizabeth 2007 inspired by the 1954 visit of Queen Elizabeth, this Semillon has become part of the Hunter Valley’s heritage. It is available in both a fresh and zesty ‘current’ vintage, the latest being 2016 and as a cellar release. This is a cellar release version that, with a decade of age, is showing some toasted honey drizzled over the lemon and nectarine fruit as you would expect from a Hunter Valley Semillon with some graceful age. Read More

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Quick tips summer drinking!!!


As Summer heats up, it is time to chill out and chilling down. One thing that you should not do is get hot and bothered about your wine selection. Or your lack of it so to make things easier, here is a few tips and a selection of wines that will keep even the fussiest friends happy this year.

Remember, the best recipe for summer is to grab a bottle of your favourite wine from the fridge, an ice bucket and some friends and you have a simple recipe for keeping your cool while chilling out.

Summer Tips:

Tip 5: Try to avoid putting ice cubes in your Read More

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Spanish Whites make great summer drinking…..


Did you catch this post last year! Try something different this summer – why not go Spanish!! And Viura is a great grape to start with….

One of the Spanish native white grape trio that contributes to the blend used for Spain’s sparkling wine, Cava, is the grape Macabeo. One of Spain’s popular, and versatile, white grape varieties which has also found a home in Southern France. In the premium wine region of Rioja, a region better known for some of Spain’s best red wines, Macabeo is also known as Viura. It is in this region, with access to fruit from older vines, that the grape can produce some of its finest expressions.

A decade ago, I would have said that you would have almost needed an insider’s knowledge on where to buy a white Rioja as I found they were few and far between outside of Spain. And sometimes when you did find a white Rioja, they lacked interest or worse, they were out of condition. With the availability of investment for Spanish wine producers, the white wines of Rioja are shining bright.  Read More

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