Conversations About: What wines to buy with 660,000 Aussie dollars?

glassinger-copy I am not one to post Press Releases, but I had to put this up to let you know what you could buy with 660K Dinky Dinahs (AUD)…. The answer is: A small patch of quality grapes to grow your own wines OR  the most complete and unique collection of Penfolds Grange ever to be retailed is now available for AUD 660,000 Read More

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Conversations About ….

……..  Boomerang wine

I love it when my friends drop around for dinner and bring over their latest wine find. I love to enjoy their excitement… I love to taste new wines…. Sometimes though, a friend comes late to the door when wines are already opened and those gifts are then put into our wine cupboard with the givers initials on for another night. I am sure that I am not alone in doing this. Right?

Recently, we were invited to dinner with friends and I grabbed the wine that they had brought to our place very early in the year.  The conversation Read More

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Conversations About …

…… why wine snobs should be very, very ashamed


Yesterday, I was reminded of one of the darker sides of an industry that is usually a pleasure to work in.  There are some things that really get me narked.  For instance, don’t ever get me started on obnoxious people who drive SUVs and 4x4s without due care in the city, particularly around school zones.  Yesterday, I was happy going on my way, picking up a sim for my new phone when the very helpful gentleman asked me about Wine Muse. He then went on to tell me about a person who had come in the day before Read More

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Conversations about ….

…….. getting personal with my wine glass


I do not like to play favourites – well, except family of course. I do not have a favourite wine, I do not have a favourite food. I did not have a favourite wine glass until after I wrote my last Conversations about blog ….. Now I am coming out of the cupboard.  I do have a favourite and I have decided to name my glass thanks to some encouraging comments and discussion.

The name I have chosen is ……

The Right Honourable Glassinger, Peacekeeper, Defrayer of Crankiness and Inspirer of Witticisms.

Ok. It is kinda long, but whenever you hear me say, ‘I am looking forward to a drink with RHG’ you will know exactly who I mean. Or Humphrey Glassinger…. What do you think?

What are you going to name yours?


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Conversations about …..

 ……… the cone of tranquility



It has been one of THOSE sodding weeks. You know … Read More

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