Prosecco – Italian for refreshment in a glass

fizzThere is very little that Australian wine growers & winemakers will not try their hand at. Partly, this is due to the ‘patchwork quilt’ flow of settlers, each bringing knowledge of their own traditional grapes with them if not the vines themselves. More recently, it has been increasingly driven by the Australian love of exploration as much as any other reason.

Prosecco is but one of these newer arrivals that have found a home in Australia. It was adopted by the vignerons Read More

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Winery Spotlight: Champagne Prat

Rock’n’Roll, Albert Einstein and a passion for bubbles…….

champagne-yveline-prat-wide-sourcedIn the past decade, the rest of the world has finally caught up with what the French have seemingly always known. A large proportion of the coveted fizz sold in France are ‘Grower’ Champagnes rather than from the large, sophisticated Champagne Houses. They put much credence in the Champagnes that have the term ‘recoltant-manipulant’ on the label, for here are the wines that often offer better value and more personality. Read More

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Winery Spotlight: Getting to know Margaret River’s Grace Farm, & an invitation …


Over the past few years, the Mair family’s wine label Grace Farm from Australia’s Margaret River region has been turning heads and getting wine tongues wagging. Although their first vintage was 2011, it is only recently that the wines have become available to anyone outside Perth and its southern surrounds. As a family, they share the sustainable farming ideal and grapes are just one of the crops produced on Grace Farm. Read More

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On the Barolo trail – Fratelli Alessandria

Capturing the heart of Barolo ………


The village of Verduno, in the very North of the Piedmont wine region Barolo, is a village that is worthy of being on your ‘must see’ list as a destination on its own. While your eyes take in the sublime views from vantage points around the village, your nose will lead you to Casa Ciabotto, a superb osteria filled with locals eating and catching up with friends and family. Ensconced within the boundaries of this village is a family run winery, Fratelli Alessandria (translated Brothers Alessandria), that I found was one of the highlights of my recent visit to the region. Read More

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Winery Spotlight: Dougos Winery

The second winery in the Greek Wine spotlight is the family estate Dougos Winery….



Dougos Winery is based in the Thessalia region in Central Greece on the north-east slopes of Mount Olympus. In mythology, twelve gods called the 2.9 km mountain home. It is viticulturally significant too. Homer mentioned wines from this region in the Iliad. Read More

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