When ice wine gets a sparkly make over…… Inniskillin Sparkling Ice Wine Vidal 2014


Inniskillin has become synonymous with Canadian Ice Wine and a common find on the shelves of travel retailers around the world. A sweet and sticky dessert wine, ice wine is a little different to Australia’s most common dessert wine style Read More

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d’arenberg The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015

darenberg-BF-wmAgain, the Osborn family reminds us all to not take wine so seriously with a name that will make the uninitiated blush. They are known for catchy, sometimes really weird, names for their wines and this one is no different. Of course, there is a totally sane reason for such a seemingly irreverent name. Botrytis cineria or Noble Rot is part of the Botryotinia genus and without this particular mould this wine would not have its characteristic marmalade twist, nor its viscosity. Fuckeliana is a tip of the hat to one Karl Fuckel, a German botanist and mycologist.

The BF is an Adelaide Hills blend of two of the white Sauternes powerhouses, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. And at 231 grams per litre of residual sugar, it is indeed a luscious little sweetie featuring intense apricot, marmalade, ginger spice, honeysuckle and honeyed orange. The fresh hit of acid does its job of balancing that sweetness and ensures Read More

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When Champagne and chocolate mix ….

I remember the disillusionment well…. 

When I was an impressionable nineteen year old, I was given a box of chocolates and a bottle of fizz for Valentine’s Day and thought my beau was a fine figure of romance. I mean, we are programmed to believe that love cannot live without this particular pairing.  However, after a slug of sweet sour bubbles, the chocolate just tasted like a lump of sugar.

A second sip of fizz only made me feel like the heart had been ripped out of the experience.  Well, we were students and the fizz was ever so affordable, read ‘cheap’, as was the chocolate, read ‘bar of Dairy Milk’.  A good thing though that I persisted with the romance, married the man, and then worked on developing a lifetime appreciation with better bubbles and better chocolate as well.


However, this pairing still needs to be approached with care Read More

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Banrock Station Red Moscato


The Summer heat means that it is time to bring out the sweet frothies…

This one is right priced for summer and immediately makes me think of BBQs and summer parties.  It is all about the sweet and ripe berry fruit and light frothy bubbles. Sometimes, wines of this price start drinking well at the first but by the time you are finished, you really do not want that next glass.  Banrock Station have got the sweetness and acid balance right here and this wine is soft and fruity in the mouth but with some excellent acid to keep it light and fresh.

Which means that it is good for a second glass and a good match for food.  Can’t really ask for much more from a sub $10 bottle of hard working moscato, can you?

Date: 1 November 2013   Price:  $9   Value: $$$$   Drink:  Now

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Pizzini Per Gli Angeli 2006


Apparently Per Gli Angel = For Angels.  I would not wait around for an Angel to come and drink it. I would want to keep it all for myself.  Pizzini has created something special here from the workhorse grape Trebbiano (or Ugni Blanc from France). An after dinner treat or one to enjoy with a gooey sticky dessert.

The name refers to the evaporative nature of producing Read More

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