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This week, I have been very lucky to taste some of the latest offerings by Chalk Hill Wines who are producing food friendly wines that are punching well above their fruitful weights on charm, price and cheekiness.  Just the fact that they have plenty to offer by way of diverse varietals handled well is heartening to see.  Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc & Barbera sit comfortably cheek to cheek beside Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache.

The brothers Tom and Jock Harvey are the current caretakers of the McLaren Vale family vineyards, the first of which were planted with Grenache in 1897 and still going strong today. They are certainly not resting on their laurels either, (and they have accumulated quite a haul of those too!) they are always open to trial new varieties.  For instance, it is rather fitting that they have apricotty Viognier planted in an old apricot orchard, and they are reportedly still considering just what to plant in their recently acquired vineyard where they have Savagnin tucked away.

Some of the best were:

Chalk Hill Sparkling NV Pinot Chardonnay ($18) with it’s ripe lemon and peach biscuity freshness. Chalk Hill 06 Sidetrack ($18) made from concentrated juicy Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache.  The Chalk Hill 09 Procrastinator (09) is a little cracker of a Cabernet Franc that is very food friendly.    A very silky and supple Chalk Hill 08 Sangiovese ($20) that is packed full of cherry spice. But, the Chalk Hill 08 Barbera ($30) just hits the spot with it’s concentration, velvety soft ripeness – not too light and definitely not as over ripe as some I have tasted from the Barossa lately.

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