December 22, 2014

GIFT IDEA Gadget Musing: Winerest


This is the answer to THAT question!  You know, the question on what to do with your glass when you are in one of the modern camp chairs.  They have pockets for filling with ice and keeping your stubby or can cold but nowhere for a stemmed glass.  I have friends who have tried it with a new stemless glass in the can holder, but it really does not work.  As a keen camper, I settled for a bulky directors chair with a flip up table to keep my hands free and then I have to watch out so my glass does not get knocked off.

The clever people at Winerest have developed this strap on addition that fits on the arm rest of different chairs and will hold your glass. It is a stiff fabric covered board that attaches with velcro. A very simple idea that is effective. We have tried it on several sizes of chair with varying success. On some, it did work better on a 45 degree angle but usually it worked as planned. On one chair, it did not work, and my own directors style chair it also did not work, but it is worth checking to see for yourself.

To better accommodate different chairs, it will also work with the opening left or right. I like the fact that it is rather robust, washable and can stand a little water as we often encounter rain when we camp. These two did get quite a work out by the group we camped with yet still look as new.

Thumbs up Winerest!

The Winerest is available on-line direct from the manufacturer for $14.95 each with deals for multi-buys.





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