Are you on instagram? I love instagram for capturing the spirit of the moment. Here are some of my latest pics. If you like them, why not follow ‘thewinemuse’ to get the instafun as it instahappens ……


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  1. Haydn Deane says:

    Hey, just noticed your Instagram pic of The Botanist Gin, it’s the best gin I have ever tasted! The reason is the botanicals used in the making of this superbly flavoured gin are ‘Goldilocks’ just right! The flavour is incredible! It’s also distilled in my favourite spirit distilling region, the island of Islay in Scotland, so it had to be good, but it is. With the addition of a measure of Schweppes Tonic Water and a slice of lemon. Perfect.
    HaydnDeane (The Fine Wine Guru).

  2. Lisa Johnston says:

    I have only just discovered The Botanist. I am not quite as convinced, I do confess to being a Hendricks fan as I really enjoy the sweetness of the cucumber. However, I do agree with Islay being the best distilling region in Scotland. Can’t go past a good single malt…

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