Here is a list of  Australia’s Top Wine Blogs:

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These blogs are based in Australia & will be rich in Australian wine content. The blogs are independent writers & not affiliated with any wine producers and are blogs rather than e-zines in content. They also are focused on wine, have an about page with a named author & have been around for longer than 6 months – although some have changed names/URL lately.

The same list (in alphabetical order) appears on my blog roll & is up to date as at 1st Jun 2015. Sadly, over the past six months, we have lost some of our number – some have just stopped, some have changed their blog to be a part of their business.

Apellation Australia

Australian Wine Review

Brisbane Book Club


Down Under Wines

Grape Observer

More Red Sir!


Que Syrah

Spitting Optional

The Intrepid Wino

The Wine Wankers

The Vinsomniac



Wine Front

Wino sapien

winsors choice

Wine Muse (of course!)


If you are not on this list & fulfil the criteria of

– based in Australia with a large proportion being Australian content

– independant (not affiliated winery/supplier/agency/retailer etc)

– have a clear ‘about me’ page with a named author

– been publishing for at least 6 months

– wine is your primary focus

then please contact me on ‘info at’  & I will happily add you.

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