October 9, 2020

Moss Wood Semillon

Moss Wood Semillon

Who makes it?

Moss Wood was established by Bill Pannell who went on to then put the Pemberton on the wine map with his new estate Picardy. However, it is current owners Keith and Clare Mugford who have been instrumental in expanding the Moss Wood range and securing the estate’s reputation. Particularly for Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon.  

How they make it?

Semillon is a variety that Australia does well in the many versions produced there. This ranges from the early picked style of the Hunter Valley through to luscious dessert botrytis semillons. This is a dry white wine styled to be very drinkable now but with an eye also on the future. To this end, the Moss Wood Semillon has been made in stainless steel tanks to maintain fruit purity.

What does it taste like?

The typical apple and citrus are all present and forthright here. Lime zest highlights the fruit however there is a deeper riverstone minerality base. It is crisp and fresh and is very elegantly balanced along the length. There is a leanness to the wine in its youth, but as it matures it will round out.

What to drink with it?

While it is young, you can capture that youthful citrus fruit with some seafood. With some age where it gains that honeyed gracefulness, some deeper flavours work well.

Quickie review « A fuller bodied style of Semillon that is made with an eye on the distant future although it is very enjoyable now.»

Country of Origin:  Margaret River, Australia
Tasting Date: July 20
Price:  £16 | USD$28 | AU$27
Drink: now – 10+ years
Needs food: no
Source: purchase

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