Packaging Review: Philip Shaw Edinburgh NV Chardonnay Pinot Noir

This bottle happens to be high on my list for great packaging, but I can certainly understand that it will polarise opinion.  Just as it does the Shaw family. Philip loves it, his son not so much…. To me it does not smack so much on girly gothic as it does a hangover after way too much hot acidic sauvignon blanc doctored up with residual sugar that cannot quite cover the sin.

The hangover to which I refer is no reflection on the contents inside the bottle or any wine that Philip Shaw puts his name too. Rather it could be said that the creamy berry contents found inside said bottle work well as a preventative tonic for those specific types of hangovers mentioned (for this read, you are drinking something softer and made with a lot more care and finesse), or it may even be the antidote.   Well……, I’m no doctor.

With its very unique artwork, it certainly has stand out on the shelf. It is almost like it has confidently announced to the world, ‘Here I am! A sparkling wine from Orange so, of course, I am just a little bit different.’ I like the pink strip seal over the crown cap too – nice touch crew!

The evocative imagery in this label is enough to keep you occupied for the first glass at least.

As a mum, in my mind it is nice to see the gargoyle has done the washing for their family living in the acid green skull tree house.  Perhaps though, they should have told the kids to give grandma some food, and they should pick up their bikes before floating off in the family SUB – Suburban Utility Balloon. Oh… and Skele-fido better watch that first step. And no, I have not been imbibing it while writing this review.

I would love to hear any other alternative storylines.

As a fizz, it has aromas of rich berries, bready yeast, lemon and apples with a mineral backbone.  It is a dry style of sparkling that finishes crisp and fresh. The version from the Koomooloo vineyards is made of 2009/2010/2011 vintage seeing some time in old seasoned barrels. Hence, the Edinburgh has Philip Shaw’s signature.  I am yet to drink a bottle of his wine that is lacking in palate texture. In this wine, the palate is creamy and very finely tuned.

A good aperitif style or one that will drink well with a light starter course.

Date:  September 2013   Price:   $30      Drink: Now

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