September 19, 2020

Pierro Chardonnay

Pierro Chardonnay

Who makes it?

Pierro are acclaimed for their Chardonnay. Dr Mike Peterkin’s pioneering spirit has put Pierro on winelover’s radars. Likewise, his attention to the highest quality standards. The cellar door is also a must visit on any trip to the Margaret River wine region. Their wines are remarkable from the more humble Fire Gully range through to this Chardonnay. Furthermore, the Little Touch duo (LTC and LTCf) are just as good value for their consistent quality (and potential cellar life).  

How they make it?

Pierro Chardonnay sees a full malo and oak treatment. It is both fermented and matured in French oak (50% new) barrels before being bottled. To ensure maximum lees contact, lees stirring occurs each month for the 12 months in barrel. As a result of this extended battonage that gives this wine so much lush texture.

What does it taste like?

There is little doubt that this is a rich, buttery style of white wine. In contrast, a soft, yet refreshing flush of acid keeps this richness in check. The sage herbal lilt to the ripe pineapple and guava fruit also keeps that palate fresh too. The Pierro Chardonnay is fuller bodied, intensely concentrated with a very silky texture. There are plenty of solid curves to this wine and the flavours last for a long, long moment. It goes without saying really, but do not rush this wine! It is one to savour.

This also means that it is a cellar candidate.   

What to drink with it?

If you are going to drink this wine with a meal, an almond crusted fillet of Barramundi would be a delightful match. Or, just a simple grilled chicken on a bed of fresh salad. Your choice.

Quickie review «This style of chardonnay is what Australia’s Margaret River is famous for and this wine should be a staple in your cellar.»

Country of Origin:  Margaret River, Australia
Tasting Date: January 20
Price:  £42 | USD$ | AU$105
Drink: now – 5+ years
Needs food: no
Source: tasting

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