SATC2 and the Wine-ista!

satc2Last night, I got to see Sex and the City 2 which I totally enjoyed as a moment of pure escapism despite the panning from the critics.  It certainly isn’t because I am a fashionista! Let’s face it, it is the closest I have got to fashion in too many years to count anymore and anyone who knows me, knows that winter = bliss for me as I get to choose between my ten, yes, 10! black turtle necks in my almost all black winter wardrobe.  So, no, it’s not the outfits. But it IS the window into luxury, the fab cinematography and the characters that are the heart of the franchise that I loved.

Since fashion is not my passion, it could be said that wine is and so clumsily, I have attempted to choose a signature wine for each of the beloved ‘soulmates’. SPOILER ALERT FROM HERE! Now, I have decided that the gals are like fine fizz and not for the obvious reason that they do seem to be drinking it often. But because only a fizz will match the shine of their stellar shimmery performance of ‘I am Woman’ (and I am glad that they did not attempt ‘You make me feel like a natural woman’ as that would have been kinda hard to swallow).

Some matches are quite obvious. Miranda could not be anything but a Laurent Perrier Rosé NV.  Not only because it is one of the classiest brassy hued rosés you will meet. That would be forgetting its often bright and colourful outer packaging and the gorgeous shaped bottle with some adventure thrown in. Samantha is more of a Janz LD02 – Late disgorged with all the connotations of  “  ‘spurts’ (Rikart Spirit) later in life” being in your, the readers, mind only. I feel though, that the Janz is a rich characterful wine with some age on it but it is still youthful enough to have its panties around its ankles while sitting at its desk in a glass walled office. In essence, if this wine was in fact human, more of us should have it doing our PR for us as it would always do so with such panache.

With Charlotte, you have to look a bit deeper. Something like a Joseph Sparkling Red. A little sweeter than the others, but that sweetness is balanced by lush fruit with plenty of opportunity to delve deeper to discover her story.  For instance, did you know that the Joseph is made with the inclusion of matured red wines whipped from the cellar in their prime for that extra smoothness and those little facets that come alive in your mouth? Definitely a deep dark wine that keeps giving.

Finally, the star that is Carrie. I have a magnum of 1989 Gosset Champagne that brings a smile whenever I think of it. This should be named the Carrie Bradshaw of wine.  It is a very fine drop, but still with freshness and joie de vivre.  A fizz never outclassed regardless of the occasion – whether a best man at a wedding or riding a white camel.  A wine with eloquence and a unique sense of style – who else could carry off those handled sunglasses – that is ageing most graciously.  Being a magnum, obviously, the term ‘Big’ also comes into mind here as well.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Mind you, the Liza Minelli cameo could be considered the Cristal moment!

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