Taylors Promised Land NV Moscato with Grilled Stonefruit


Last week I got one of those deliveries from Taylors that I could not help but be inspired by.

Designed to celebrate the final Promised Land wine to be redressed in the new label design, the pack included a bottle of Taylors Promised Land Moscato and some sensational nectarines, peaches and plums. Enough to make the recipe for Grilled Stone Fruit that accompanied the ingredients. It was inspired thinking as it arrived on a fairly bleak day full of storms and not much summer and promptly spurred me into action.

We often forget that Moscato makes for an excellent dessert wine and having made this simple dish, the Promised Land Moscato is a good match for this dish as well as an integral ingredient.

It is ripe and soft fruity with some gentle bubbles. Sweet, tropical fruit and lush stone fruit nuances remind you that this is, in

fact, summer!

To see the recipe, please visit Wine Diva or download it Taylorsgrilledmoscato. Enjoy!




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2 Responses to Taylors Promised Land NV Moscato with Grilled Stonefruit

  1. Sweet wines, perfect as for ladies drinks. And the description from your blog seems like it is a good wine to have on a party.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Jean. It is a great crowd pleaser for sure. -ed

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