November 22, 2010

The Elderflower Fizz Experiment – Day 6


Close up of the Science Experiment in action

After just putting my ear to the pots for the last couple of days, today I had a peak just to make sure that there was no mould forming anywhere and I got a bit of a surprise at the sight of my mix. The difference was remarkable.

It looks like .. well .. like a science experiment!  I have seen red wine fermenting in open tanks before but never with such scum on top probably because the skins forming the cap get punched down to ensure the colour is extracted. And my recipe does not call for any punching down, I certainly don’t want any colour … so I had better leave it.


The late starter pot that looks a lot more subtle than the 'Science Experiment' pot.

I plan on bottling in 2 more days and I anticipate that it will be looking very much worse by then.


The Science Experiment!

Just to reassure myself, I have had a little taste and it is still tasting fresh. In fact, it seems that the yeast really is doing what it is supposed to be doing and using up the sugar as it is tasting a lot dryer than it did in the beginning.

Perhaps this will actually work yet! Two more days to bottling then a week in bottle before the popping begins.


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