This summer do you #thirstforbimbadgen?

I love virtual wine tastings! I don’t even have to get out of my jeans, or PJ’s for that matter, to take part. However, this time Bimbadgen has made sure that I was in a party mood with the remit being to ‘take it easy’, somewhere, everywhere and preferably with friends. So, tonight I have a few tasting friends around to share the joy around my office (ahem) table.  It seemed only right to get into the spirit of things when there was evidently a party in a box waiting to happen.

And so it happened! …

The Bimbadgen Sparkling NV Semillon ($16) is a fresh and zesty fizz that is all about tangy fruit along the palate. Fresh lime, a little bread and a few herbs keep everything lively. This wine particularly appealed to the Savvy drinkers around the table.

Bimbadgen Ridge Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2013 ($16) was particularly enjoyed around the table.  It is ripe and balanced with melon, nectarine and citrus fruit. Good drinking and good with Asian spices.

Bimbadgen Ridge Rose 2012 ($16) A pink shiraz with a dollop of gewürztraminer giving it an extra spicy lift to the peppery cherry fruit.  A drier style of rose that offers plenty of sweet ripe fruit to enjoy with Asian spices.

Bimbadgen Vermentino MCA Series 2013 ($29) – Full on flavour and long and zippy.  Lots of varietal citrus, pear and spice to enjoy here.  Part of the Museum of Contemporary Art series paired with a spicy Sangiovese, hence the groovy label.

Bimbadgen Region Pinot Gris 2012 ($23) – All the hallmarks of Pinot Gris here with fruit weight, and ripe and sweet pear and stone fruit and some nuttiness from lees. A wine with a great relationship with food.

Bimbadgen Moscato NV ($18) – A sweet and soft moscato that is a great start or finish to the night.  Balanced and frothy – get into it.



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