January 3, 2019

Tiberio Pecorino 2017

Tiberio is a family run winery just to the East of Rome, currently in the custodianship of siblings Cristiana and Antonio Tiberio. Their pecorino grapes come from higher altitude vineyards on predominantly limestone rich soils. The name of this grape means ‘sheep’ in Italian which is why the word pecorino more often brings to mind the nutty sheep’s milk cheeses. It has a history similar to that of viognier, a grape variety almost lost and now experiencing somewhat of a resurgence. Although, locally at this point in time. 

Of course, there is nothing cheese-like in the aromas of savoury pear, figs and spicy pastry leap from the glass and take on a more floral note on the palate and detailed finish. A dry, fuller bodied white that has a fresh acid profile and will suit a creamy seafood dish as easily as a grilled chicken salad. It is a stylish introduction to this grape which you will see plenty of in the future. 

Quickie review «A fresh, white Italian wine with a spicy floral, fig and pear fruit and a fuller curvaceousness that should become one of the benchmarks of the variety.» 

Country of Origin: Cugnoli, Italy
Tasting Date: May 2018
Price: UK£14 |€17 | US $18+
Drink: now
Needs food: no
Source: Tasting

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