Tolpuddle Chardonnay 2014

tolpuddle-chardFor lovers of great Chardonnay, this is a very fine example of the potential that lays in the vineyards in Tasmania. Australia’s ‘Big Apple’, the island state yields some of Australia’s finest produce – wine included. Particularly when in the experienced hands of Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith MW. Their Shaw + Smith M3 Chardonnay hailing from South Australia’s Adelaide Hills has long been one of the style leaders of modern Australian Chardonnay. Not unusually in the wine world, the story behind the Tolpuddle label started with a moment of compulsive insanity (click here) and the wines have quickly shone brightly since the launch in 2013.

The Tolpuddle Chardonnay has an acid brightness that keeps the fruit lively above a buttery palate. The complex flavours of spicy ginger, cashew, citrus and fresh peach are smoothed out with a buttery nuance coming from some partial malolactic fermentation.

It fills the mouth but with medium bodied elegance it does not overwhelm in any way. While it has a sherberty youthful zest, there is a lasting impression of polished fruit and spice that lingers. The Tolpuddle Chardonnay certainly needs no food to show its best, but it is great company for dinner from a humble prawn cocktail through to a lightly spiced chicken dish. No need to rush it though, it is a good candidate for the cellar too.

Quickie review «Finely detailed and complex fruit & spice, kept fresh with a lively line of acid. Very elegantly poised on the palate.»

Country of Origin: Australia  Date: December 2016    Price: AUD65+ Drink: now – 5+ yrs   Needs food: no   Source: purchase

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