WBW#73 The wine that sparked it all!

Wine Blogging Wednesday has returned with #73 themed nostalgically ‘the wine that sparked your interest in wine’.  I am looking forward to seeing the wide variety of wines that will come into the limelight this week. There will be wines that have receded into the deep yonder, there will be some of the worlds greats mentioned & there will be plenty of sweet little numbers.

I have sometimes posed this question to friends or in my classes and get some fun answers.  There is the story about the Master of Wine who started to develop their teenage palate with some of the great wines of Australia lifted from their father’s collection.  There are stories from young winemakers where their true introduction to wine was their first vintage on the family vineyard. Others are of teenage rebellion, gap years spent backpacking in France & so on.

The wine that first sparked my interest in wine was not the cheapest around at the time (that was probably Matthew Lang at around $2), neither was it the most expensive. It is a wine that is still widely available & still widely loved by many. Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz…. matched, or perhaps not so matched, with take away from the local Chinese takeaway.

It was my special monthly treat with my then uni student boyfriend.  It inspired dreams at the same time that it piqued my interest in the wine itself – how it was made, vintage variation, the constant journey of discovery …..

That was 22 years ago, I married that man, went to uni myself, got into marketing, ended up in wine marketing which has led to wine blogging & teaching.

The wine – well Bin 555 it costs about the same, often found sub $10 & has had a couple of label design changes since.  It is classic, rich berry & plum fruit wine that is softly drinking & medium bodied.  Reliable easy drinking I say with glass in hand.

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  1. Sounds like a nice, straight forward bottle I should be on the lookout for!

  2. admin says:

    It is certainly straightforward but a good easy drinker …..

    Thanks for dropping by David, I happen to like Zin from Russian River too! nice choice. -ed

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