August 26, 2019

19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

19 Crimes

So far, I have found the 19 Crimes reds that I have tasted to be squishy, jube-like wines. The wine labels do have the ‘cool’ factor. With the help of an app, they can entertain you with stories about the characters on that label. They were one of the first wine labels of this kind. Plus there is also a ‘collectible’ cork. They have captured the imagination of the international drinker by relaying the Australia’s ‘convict’, or ‘outlaw’, heritage. In this sense you could call it more of a ‘crazy critter’ label, I guess.

The 19 Crimes Cabernet offers up sweet cherry and black currant fruit balanced with a block of oak. Mid palate has a good glug of sugar sweetness to round out the mouth feel. I think with the softness of the tannins, this could be a good red to chill down over summer. It certainly will be also a versatile red to use as a mixer base if you want to exercise your inner mixologist.  

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Country of Origin: Australia 
Tasting Date: April 2019 
Price:  AU$12 | UK£9 | US$8++ | €5.5
Drink: now 
Needs food: yes 
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