February 28, 2024

Azevedo Alvarinho Vinho Verde Reserva

Who makes it?

Azevedo Alvarinho is one of the wines that is really putting Vinho Verde back into people’s wine glasses. Sure it is fresh and it is fruity, but it is also very elegantly poised. Azevedo is one of the Sogrape brands, known for the iconic Mateus, which now also includes Framingham from New Zealand. It is undeniable that there is some very serious Vinho Verde experience in Sogrape. Hence, it is well worth seeking out wines such as this as an entry point to discovering the region. Or rediscovering it, in my case.

Of course, there is another reason winelovers are journeying into Vinho Verde territory. And that is the popularity at the moment of Albarino from across the border in Galicia, particularly from Rias Baixas. 

How do they make it?

To keep this Vinho Verde fresh, it is all about cool, stainless steel fermentation. The team at Azevedo has also used the yeast developed specifically for their own Vinho Verde ferment. It is 100% Alvarinho. To add a spicy layer and a silkiness, the wines spent four months on lees in the tank. These lees were stirred regularly to really get the complexity and mouth feel you find in this particular wine 

What does it taste like?

Azevedo Alvarinho is a crisp, fuller bodied, dry white wine. It has around 2 grams/litre of residual sugar. The aromas bounce out of the glass with a creamy undertone immediately detectable with plenty of peach, floral and ginger on offer. In the mouth, the wine is fresh and bright and concentrated. The cream and peach continue well into the next sip.

There really is a lot to love about this wine. 

What to drink it with?

Seafood is a great place to start with this particular wine. Shellfish, including scallops and langoustine will be especially a good match. Or a creamy asparagus crepe. Or just good old fish and chips by the beach!


For the Azevedo Alvarinho Reserva, I recommend that you enjoy some white bloomy cheeses such as Brie and Camembert with it. Or fresh cheese such as feta, chevre or a herb flavoured soft white cheese.

Quickie review « It is time to get back into Vinho Verde and this is the wine to start your journey with! Fresh, elegant yet creamy and spicy. »

Country of Origin:  Vinho Verde, Portugal
Tasting Date: 
January 2024
Price:  UK £15 | €9 
Drink: now – 3+ years 
Needs food: no
Source: tasting

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