August 21, 2023

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora Cocktail September Fall 

Orange Muscat & Flora September Fall High Ball is a tangy long cocktail of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora wine, grapefruit, bitter Campari and soda. So very refreshing, and very stylish!

Orange Muscat & Floral September Fall Cocktail

With kind thanks to Brown Brothers for developing these irresistible cocktails using  Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora wine, here is a recipe for the Orange Muscat & Flora September Fall High Ball. The Explorer Series Orange Muscat & Flora is a late harvest dessert wine from Victoria, Australia. These cocktails show just how versatile this classic sweetie is. It goes without saying that it is not just great served chilled with light fruity desserts and blue cheeses, but also as a fresh alternative in your cocktails at any time of year. 

This recipe is part of a series, so please visit the Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora Cocktail page to check when more are published!

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Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora September Fall High Ball

Serve this cocktail in a tall glass or a red wine glass


50 ml Orange Muscat & Flora

25 ml Fresh pink grapefruit juice

15 ml Campari

100 ml Soda

Cubed Ice


Add all ingredients into your glass with the ice

Stir and swizzle with a long bar spoon

Add more ice if needed

Garnish Options:

A twist of pink grapefruit


Or a combination of both

An ever so stylish and so so refreshing long drink! …. This cocktail is part of a special collection from Brown Brothers, Australia. Want more? click here to see other Orange Muscat & Flora Cocktail recipes.

Orange Muscat & Flora September Fall High Ball

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