December 9, 2023

Brown Brothers Tarrango

Who makes it?

Brown Brothers Tarrango is one of those unique wines that wine drinkers love and the Brown family champion. Tarrango is a grape that Brown Brothers has become known for. Similarly, they champion Cienna, Flora (a cross between semillon and gewurztraminer) and Crouchen. All varieties that become staple wines once a wine drinker falls in love with it. They were also some of the first to produce commercial quantities of Dolcetto and Mondeuse amongst other grape more common varieties. Well, more common in their home regions, not necessarily Australia.

Tarrango is well entwined in Brown family history. They worked with Australia’s CSIRO to produce a variety that was a cross between the sultana grape and Touriga Nacional. At the time in Portugal, Touriga’s home country, it was better known for producing fine Port wines. It was not really known for producing dry red table wines. Dr Alan Antcliff produced the cross and the Brown family planted the experimental variety. 

The grape is low in tannins, much like Gamay. The Brown family have cleverly positioned the Tarrango as a chillable red. And chillable red wines are ‘hot’ right at the moment.

How do they make it?

To enhance the fruitiness of the Brown Brothers Tarrango, the family use carbonic maceration which produces soft and fruity red wines. It is a technique famously associated with the Gamay wines of Beaujolais. This is an unoaked style to make sure fruit is kept fresh and centred at all times.

Did you know: Tarrango is the name of a place in North Western Victoria. Specifically in the Mallee district, close to Mildura.  

What does it taste like?

The Tarrango is a light bodied, low tannin, drier style of red wine. It is certainly ripe with fresh berries and red cherry fruit but there is complexity there as well. There is a fresh zippy acid line that keeps it refreshing. It is a little lighter in alcohol too. 

You can chill this red wine. I would recommend serving it around 12 – 14oC.

What to drink it with?

This becomes a very versatile red with a light chill. I would recommend that you drink it at a picnic or BBQ, with spiced Asian flavours, with pizza, with curries. Don’t limit it to summer though. You will enjoy it just as much in Winter.  For instance, with a roast chicken or turkey.


Think outside the box here. A flavoured cheese with cranberries mixed through it will be superb. What about a cheese, like Mersey Valley, with pickles mixed through?

Quickie review « This is very easy to drink. It is dry, it is light and fruity, it works well with food. What more do you want? Really? »

Country of Origin:  North Western Victoria, Australia
Tasting Date:
 October 2023
Price:  UK £12 | €11 | AU$20 | US$8 ++
Drink: now! Now! NOW!
Needs food: no
Source: sample sent

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