March 5, 2021

Chapel Down Flint Dry White

Chapel Down Flint

Who makes it?

Flint Dry is a white blend from Chapel Down is one of the UK’s best known wine producers and offers a very wide range of wines from the South East corner of England. They produce not just the expected sparkling wines, and quite the variety too. Chapel Down have an extensive range of still wines, beers, ciders and spirits as well. Amongst their range, is several versions of Bacchus and this white blend where Chardonnay leads but Bacchus still features.      

How they make it?

To maintain the fresh fruit front and centre of the palate, the wine has been fermented in stainless steel tanks. The blend list is extensive. It starts with Chardonnay (60%), and works its way through Bacchus (20%), Reichensteiner, Pinot Noir, Schonburger, Siegerrebe, Pinot Blanc and Ortega.

What does it taste like?

This is a dry white, it’s fruity intensity adds body weight and that fresh acid is crisp and firm. Fresh blossoms, grapefruit and peachy stonefuit waft out of the glass.  The wine is has good balance and finishes with a melon ripeness that lasts long and lingering.

What to drink with it?

This is good all by itself. It’s fresh acid and intensity would also be good with fresh seafood, or maybe a goat’s cheese and pear tart.


Chèvre, no doubt about it.

Quickie review « A fruity floral English white that has fresh, crisp acid that finishes dry, and with a firmness.»

Country of Origin:  England, UK
Tasting Date: January 21
Price:  £14
Drink: now – 3+ years
Needs food: no
Source: purchase

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