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    Linking, Trackbacks & Pingbacks

    While we encourage connectivity, we have disabled the ability to trackback on this blog. If you wish to link to this blog, for instance – if your wine is mentioned, please contact us to organise this. If you wish to add to your blogroll, a short email would be great.

    Sample policy

    The Winemuse team does accept samples but can not guarantee that the wine will be tasted, reviewed and/or published. Please contact us for delivery details.  When sending samples, please clearly sticker the bottle, or send on a single single of paper,  with the RRP & release date.

    Only wines received as a sample will include a link to the ‘sponsor’ of that wine whether that is the producer or a seller. Wines tasted at an industry tasting event will not include a link at this time. When a wine is reviewed from a  tasting event that requires a ticket to be paid for but has been given free of charge by a wine distrubutor or seller, then a link will be included where appropriate. Only producer links will stay active for more than 12 months.

    Please note: There is no longer an Australian delivery address for, only the United Kingdom. If you wish to send samples via a European distributor, please do get in touch.