August 5, 2021

Delinquente Tuff Nutt Bianco Pet Nat

Tuff Nutt

Who makes it?

Delinquente Wines is the passion of Greg Grigoriou. The Grigoriou family has, in turn, been passionate about growing grapes for wine in Australia’s Riverland region for decades. It is not surprising that being a hot and dry part of Australia, Southern Italian grapes do rather well there. Furthermore, it is then not surprising either that Delinquente wines have specialised in grapes from regions of Italy that share that climate. 

As a result, you will find wines made from Vermentino, Nero d’Avola, Montepulciano sitting comfortably with some Spanish favourites too.

That is not the only point of difference however. Delinquente Wines are specialist non-intervention wines, making wines that you will find often referred to as ‘natural wines’. (but of course, everyone knows that all wine is ‘natural’) Delinquente Tuff Nutt is an organic wine.

How do they make it?

Delinquente Tuff Nutt is an even more unusual wine in that it is made from Bianco d’Alessano. A grape that is very rare in Australia and not commonly found even back home in Puglia. After starting its ferment in stainless steel, it was bottled before it finished ferment. This method of making sparkling wine is called the ancestral method (click here to read more about the ancestral method). 

Hence, Bianco Pet Nat (white pet nat) also appears on the label.

What does it taste like?

For a start, this wine needs some careful handling before pouring (see Tips above.) It is important to note that the lees are fine to imbibe with the wine.

This is a drier, medium bodied wine with a light fizz.  It has some concentrated pretty floral and pear notes with a fresh picked nettley dimension that makes it quite refreshing. The soft bubbles also adds a softened texture to the acid in the mouth. The flavours of vanilla and old fashioned creaming soda lingers a long time after the sip has gone.

What to drink with it?

Don’t hold back in your innovation in matching flavours with this wine. It has a wide range of flavours and aromas and an intensity that will suit quite well with light sweet fruity flavours through to savoury dishes. Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli dipping sauce would be good, as would watermelon topped with baked feta and chilli flakes. Or just a chicken and pesto pasta.

Quickie review « A good introduction to the ancestrale method of making sparkling wine. Well made and a discussion starter. »

Country of Origin: Riverland, Australia 
Tasting Date: July 2021
Price:  UK £17 | AU$25
Drink: now 
Needs food: yes, better with food
Source: tasting

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