March 31, 2010

Domaine Chandon NV Cuvée Riche

The name says it all.  This is a richer blend of sparkling wine from a fizz portfolio that has almost as much length and breadth as this wine. Chandon’s line up moves from this just pink tinged lush and plush Doux (sweeter) style to the très elegant ZD (Zero Dosage) at the opposite end of the spectrum with lots of interest in between.

There is a pink tinge to the wine reminiscent of the immaculately blushed cheek of Julianne Moore. The rich texture is very prominent, balancing the sugar and the full body.  Being made in the Traditional Method, there is plenty of creamy and biscuity lees characters in the wine along with some ripe peaches and strawberries. It is a lovely generous aperitif for a warm evening or alternatively, a dessert wine when accompanied by some fruit tartlets and marscapone.

Date: December 2009  Price: $ 35  Value: $$  Drink: Enjoy Now


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