December 16, 2023

Eisberg Zero Alcohol wines

Eisberg is part of the Schloss Wachenheim Group and a wine experience in making sparkling wine in Germany. Of course, under the brand Schloss Wachenheim. Also under the brands Faber, Nymphenburg Sekt, Schweriner Burggarten and others.  And that was just Germany. In France they also make cremants. Veuve Amiot is but one. And a Moscato under the brand Muscador. And wines from other countries as well. So, there is no doubt that this group has extensive experience.

Eisberg is a wide range of wines produced using vacuum distillation. As they explain it, using this process the boiling point of a wine is reduced to 32oC. At this point the alcohol evaporates and is removed from the tank leaving an alcohol reduced wine. Eisberg labels their wines as ‘Alcohol Free’. It is no surprise to see Germany heavily involved in the Alcohol Free wine segment. Germany has been a leading producer of Alcohol Free beer for many years.

The range 

Eisberg produce a sparkling white and rosé, a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvingon and a still rosé in their Classic range. They have a Selection range which has a Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and a sparkling blanc de blancs and a sparkling rosé. The wines are made in Germany.

These wines are unashamedly aimed at the supermarkets and the prices reflect this. They do offer value for money. And they offer something different from a juice for those who are after some diversity.

I have tasted some of the Classic range below. Please keep in mind these wines are less then £4 in the supermarket. Plus they have had to go through an extra process to remove the alcohol from the wines:

Eisberg Sparkling White 

This is a medium bodied sparkling white wine. It is fruity and refreshing with lemon and peach aromas. These deepen to intense fruit juice concentrate on the palate with grapes being the stand out. Some lemonade on the finish too.

Eisberg Chardonnay

A medium bodied still white wine. There is some fresh acid structure here and lemon, apple and pear fruit aromas. The wine is long and fruity and finishes with more varietal fruit than just concentrated fruit juice. It is probably my pick of the four that I tasted.

Eisberg Rosé

The winemakers tasting note here suggested that it tastes like strawberry jam. That does reflect my tasting notes here. It is medium bodied and confectionary like. It could be better if you drink it with food. 

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon

This red is very fruity. It has some spicy tomato and cranberry fruit character up front. Undoubtedly there is ripeness and concentration in the mouth. However, there are also some low level tannins providing some shape to there fruit. The lingering after taste is of red grape juice. 

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