March 20, 2019

Ferraris Sant’Eufemia Ruchè di Castagole 2017

This is a surprising wine in many ways. Firstly, the Ruchè grape is one of those obscure Northern Italian grape varieties that are very localised to one region. This time it is a region spread across seven communes. According to, it is grown on just 150 hectares of vineyard today.  This is where Ferraris, a large family producer now in the hands of Luca Ferraris, steps in to take the grape to the world stage.

Secondly, for a red wine that fits more into the medium body category, it certainly packs a flavour whallop. And the fine powdery tannins also gives that fruit weight a bit more impact too. Floral violets and black pepper lead, followed immediately by the waft of raspberry, cranberry, smoky tobacco and sage. On the finish, the berries deepen to cherry and liquorice. It is definitely a more-ish wine that did not last long with the lasagne and steak and ale pie that was for dinner.  

Quickie review «A lesson in how to pack as much flavour into each sip without losing its elegant poise! There is so much potential for this grape, I can’t wait to see more.»

Country of Origin: Ruchè of Castagole Montferrato DOCG, Italy
Tasting Date:
March 2019
Price:  UK£12 |€10.5
Drink: now– 3+ yrs
Needs food: no
Source: NosyWine Club sample (Subscription box November 2018)

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