August 9, 2023

Fincas de Azabache Tempranillo Blanco Brut Sparkling

Who makes it?

Fincas de Azabache is a co-operative in Spain’s famous wine region, Rioja. It is a passionate team and they make not just this sparkling version, but also a still Rioja Blanco made from Tempranillo Blanco. This is unsurprising as Tempranillo Blanco is one of the favourite grapes of chief winemaker, Martin Saez Palacios. Azabache now has 80 hectares of the grape.

Of course, Fincas de Azabache is not just producing excellent white wines. They also have access to very old Garnacha vines and their single vineyard wine, Coscojares is made from vines over 90 years old. The team are also in the process of expanding their organic wine range. They were an early pioneer of organic wine and released their first certified organic wine in 1998.

Please click here to read an interview with the team at Fincas de Azabache.

How do they make it?

This is a traditional method sparkling wine and therefore is made in the style of Champagne. It is all Rioja though! Starting with the grape variety. Tempranillo blanco is a white grape mutation of the traditional red variety that was discovered in a vineyard in 1988 in Murillo del Rio Leza. 

Sparkling wine made under the regional labelling of ‘Rioja’ is a new move made possible due to the expansion of the DOCa regulations in 2017. Although sparkling wine from Rioja is not a ‘new thing’, now sparkling wines can claim the Rioja designation. These are Rioja Quality Sparkling Wines.

 The wine spends 24 months on lees and it is low in residual sugar despite having the designation of ‘Brut’.  

What does it taste like?

This non-vintage fizz in abundant with evocative creamy, floral, peach and nectarine fruit. The fruit is underlined and kept fresh with a zesty line of citrus. As the wine hits your palate, the fine bubbles are keep the fruit lingering. It is fresh, it is fine and it is delicious. 

What to drink it with?

This is a fruity yet creamy and savoury sparkling wine and has the depth to match with seafood, vegetarian dishes and chicken. It is easy to enjoy just by itself though, as an aperitif. 


Enjoy these bubbles with Brie or Camembert. Or with some fresh cheeses such as chevre. 

Quickie review « Bubbles from Rioja! This is well worth seeking out. »

Country of Origin: Rioja, Spain
Tasting Date: May 2023
Price:  UK £28 
Drink: now  
Needs food: no
Source: tasting

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