December 12, 2023

Fine fizz {Champagne} that should be in your glass…

Champagne bring it on, I say!  However, amongst the large name Champagne houses, it can seem rather hard to find a choice that is ‘not your usual’ candidates. If you find yourself reaching for the usual selection, why not try these?

And don’t just limit your choices for Christmas, New Year or celebrating special events. These are great choices for any occasion, even non-occasions …

As a serving tip, Champagnes of this quality should not be over chilled. A quality non-vintage fizz can be served between 8 – 12 oC. A vintage Champagne, or other traditionally made sparkling wine can be served between 10-12 oC.

And if you are not sure what glassware to use to serve these wines, I recommend a more open mouthed glass such as a tulip shaped white wine glass rather than a flute. A flute will keep these wines tasting very tight and enhance the acid. A more open glass will enhance the aromas and deliver a more balanced wine to your waiting taste buds!


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Here are five well known Champagne House wines:

Perrier Jouet Non-Vintage

A good alternative go-to Champagne.

Click here or on the image for a full review

Gossett Blanc des Blancs

Gossett always deliver.

Gosset Grand

Click here or on the image for a full review. 

Billecart Salmon Brut Rose

A delight every time.

Billecart-Salmon rose

Click here or on the image for a full review

Ayala Brut Nature

Always a pretty wine that is unadorned with that extra sugar.

ayala brut nature

Click here or on the image for a full review. 

Veuve Clicquot Vintage Champagne

I think that this wine has been too often overlooked. Get it into your glass.

Click here or on the image for a full review

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