September 16, 2021

Food & Wine matching Session! BOOK NOW!

Love learning more about the wine, you are drinking? Want to know how to choose better wines? The Winemusing Sessions latest LIVE event is now on sale.


It is all up to taste!

Have you ever wondered which wines go well with certain dishes… and why? Should you drink red with with dessert? What about white wine with red meat? And that incredibly difficult to match, chilli? Wonder no more. This is the session where YOU work out which food and wine combinations are YOUR favourites….

You might be surprised!

Either way, there are no losers, just great wine!

Plus…. an excellent tapas tasting platter to put your knowledge to immediate use and enjoy along with your wines!

When: Wednesday 13th October, 2021, 7.30 – 9 pm
Where: TW2 The Green, 80-82 The Green, Twickenham TW2 5AG

Booking: book via eventbrite or via your usual method.

This Winemusing Session will include:

  • An individual tasting platter with an assortment tapas to enjoy with the wines, after the masterclass, put together by the team at TW2 The Green.
  • A 40 – 60 min live masterclass about the topic of the day followed by a live (and lively) discussion about each of the wines led by Lisa Johnston.
  • Six wine samples, all available locally, with at least one more premium selection. 
  • Some short tasting notes about each of the wines.

Please tell us at the time of booking if you have any food allergies.

## Please note that this session is a live session!

For up and coming Winemusing Sessions – please click here.

The Winemusing Sessions are small group masterclasses & tasting sessions that provide a casual way to learn about wine with wines included. The wines chosen will be mostly available locally in Richmond and the surrounding area. The wines will cover most budgets so that you can easily find the wines you like for yourself. Sessions are enjoyable for all winelovers, from beginners to those more knowledgable.

Want to get social? Of course, there will be time allowed for chat after over a glass of your favourite sample … If you leave any. And coffee and dessert (extra cost) will be a wonderful way to finish up.

Want to go online? If you are a private group wanting to do an on-line session, we will deliver four x 65 ml or 100 ml wine samples to your door. Each session will be a 40 – 60 min live masterclass about the topic of the day followed by a live tasting discussion.

Click here for more information about the Winemusing Sessions.


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