November 24, 2023

Galata Meyhouse – a firm Twickenham favourite

Galata Meyhouse  – is an evocative name. Galata is, of course, an area in Istanbul. And Meyhouse, according to their website, is a place serving meze style food and alcohol .

Twickenham has a sense of excitement around this new arrival. Galata Meyhouse opened its doors just this past Summer (2023) along the West Twickenham high street giving the Staines Road some much needed choice. While locals have some nice choices for daytime, when night time came all that was left was two pubs – The Sussex Arms and The Prince Blucher. 

Enter Galata Meyhouse!

The Wine

This local offers Turkish cuisine and has some wines by the glass on offer. Including four Turkish wines. And yes, Turkey does have a domestic wine industry. Galata Meyhouse has two Turkish white wines and two Turkish red wines by the glass as well as some interesting wines from across the world. Impressively, this includes some wines from Fincas de Azerbache from Rioja which I was very heartened to see there. I have not yet tried the other wines.

On the other hand, the sparkling range was limited to two wines from Prosecco. However, I fully understand that a small wine list must start somewhere. And they also have raki too, as you would expect, in addition to cocktails and beer (including zero-alcohol beer). 

The Food (including gluten free pita bread)

The food at Galata Meyhouse is very tasty and authentic. It is based around a good range of meze and more substantial meals that I reckon will take locals a while to get through and try all the selections.  They even have gluten free pita bread!

Here is a sample:

Getting back to the wine

Here is a review of their wine (more will be added each visit….)

Kavaklidere Angora white

Kavaklidere is a winery that started around the 1920/30s. The winery is now a large business with wineries also in France. This drier fruity white wine is made from the Sultaniye grape. This is, of course, the well known sultana grape which you might very occasionally see in white wine in the USA. It is not well used for wine outside of Turkey. Moreover, even in Turkey the majority of these grapes become table grapes or dried.

This white wine is crisp, medium bodied. It offers up floral, peach and citrus aromas, that then translate into a more savoury peach and ginger note on the length. 

It certainly suits the cuisine and the atmosphere on a warm summer’s day.

Cheers to the new local!

See for more details. 

Address: 28 Staines Rd, Twickenham TW2 5AH
Phone: 020 3754 6183
Monday : Closed
Tue – Fri: 4 pm – 10pm
​​Sat – Sun: 12pm – 10pm

(These details may change, please check the website)

Article first published 10th November 2023, updated 8th December 2023,


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