May 1, 2019

How good are the Tesco’s Australian wines…. Really?

Last month, I held a tasting of Wines under a tenner (pounds that is) and thought to taste two of ‘Selected by Tesco’ Australian reds. Both were £4.25 and when you take into consideration the costs of bottling and transporting these wines, duty and finally Tesco’s margin, that really does not leave much at all to spend on the actual product itself.  

Let’s not forget that wine is a product made from grapes with no way of improving the quality of those raw materials once the process has started. You can tweak around the edges but if the grapes do have to have a basic standard of quality to start with. 

One of my issues with these wines is the packaging. Seriously Tesco, spend some money here.  These labels are outdated and not inviting.

Taking this into account, here are my thoughts on the wines:

Selected by Tesco Merlot 2018– This one has some plummy red and black fruit, herbs and oak spice flavours. The tannins are soft and round and those flavours last a few seconds in the mouth. It finishes a little acidic but there is plenty of fruit, sugar sweetness and some oak there for interest as well.  To give it a score out of five, I’d give it a 2/5. Would I drink more than a glass – Certainly not by itself. Needs to have some lasagne or take it to a BBQ and drink it chilled.

Selected by Tesco Shiraz 2017– This one has some chocolate spice to the blackberry fruit. It is medium bodied with a soft tannin structure and a little less apparent acid. There is a touch of velvet to the tannins here and a tad more length. However, a little sourness creeps in on the finish. I’d give it a score of 2.5/5 and the all important question, would I drink more than a glass – maybe. Again, if you are after a wine to drink with food, this is a better prospect.

Either way, if you are looking for wines to use as a base for a chilled red wine concoction such as Sangria, these would be a good place to start.


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