August 24, 2012

Majella 2008 ‘The Malleea’

Mention Majella Wines and the Coonawarra comes to mind and with it Brian Lynn’s larger than life personality. The Lynn family focus on producing a classic regional selection of wines that consistently deliver excellent quality for their price. Being their flagship wine, The Malleea celebrates the exquisite marriage of older vine Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon and shiraz.  Only the best for this wine and there should be at least a couple in everyone’s cellar.

Rich with ripe blackcurrants and plums with some milk chocolate & savoury spice overtones. The richness pulls back from full body, leaving The Malleea with smooth elegance from the generous mid palate to the long length. It is evocative of nights of meaningful conversation in front of a fireplace. That smoothness makes for enjoyable drinking now but it will continue to develop personality over time.

Date: 3 July 2012   Price: $75    Value: $$     Drink: Now – 10+ years


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  1. c temp

    We just opened a Majella 2008. 11 years old. We are not experts but, in our humble opinion, this was a really good drop!

  2. Lisa Johnston

    Nice one!! A couple of months ago we opened a 1998 Majella Maleea. It was so very good and had life left still!!! Majella reds are excellent candidates for the cellar aren’t they?

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