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From time to time, I write for other wine and food on-line publications and blogs. Here are just a small selection of my latest:

Southwest Wine Guide – From time to time Winemusing reviews will appear on Southwest Wine Guide. Paul & Carol’s Southwest Wine Guide is intended to provide unpretentious information onwine tasting, learning about wine and winemakers, food pairing and travel destinations.

Soulivity – Selected features are shared on the Soulivity on-line magazine written to be a valued resource for people from all walks of life, regardless of geographic location on the planet.

In Theaters: China’s Lust for Bordeaux, ‘Red Obsession’ -This month we have the premiere of a movie that walks the taut line between wine porn and edutainment — starting with its opening scenes. Any serious wine lover, such as myself, is going to be adding Saint Estephe’s Cos d’Estournel’s barrel room to their must-see list. See more on Palate Press ….





The Art of Blending Bordeaux and Hermitage – Imagine two French vignerons, who happen to be best friends, meeting to discuss wine – one from Bordeaux and one from Hermitage. The winemaker from Bordeaux laments about how their hard the vintage has been so far and that they don’t think that the wines coming from this vintage are going to be up to par. The two then hatch a plan. – See more on Enobytes  ….




Chardonnay is back! – The chardonnay grape never really went away, it’s just having its own brand of renaissance and we haven’t had to wait around for centuries to see the result. Read more on BlahBlahMagazine …





Celebrity Vineyards – It seems that owning a vineyard or a wine label is becoming second to your very own perfume line in the land of celebrity.  This was a concept that so captured the intrigue of author, Nick Wise, that he decided to explore it further. See more on Enobytes….




Wine and Soup = Good Company – As the cooler weather rolls in, it is only natural that we turn to comforting soups to keep us warm. These hearty soups are like a meal itself in a bowl and frankly, I could not think of anything better than a bowl of minestrone or creamy pumpkin soup to get warm.  Although, my personal favourite is my mother’s pea and ham soup recipe – salty and rich… See more on BlahBlahMagazine