January 2, 2024

Oddbird 0.0%

There has been a clear focus for the past few years to produce low or zero alcohol wines. It is quite hard to navigate this category of wine as the quality is very varied. And some of these wines command prices that are higher than well made wines that contain alcohol. Obviously these wines do have to go through a process before they are bottled to then remove the alcohol. Oddbird 0.0% is capturing attention in this fast growing market.

Oddbirds do offer a very interesting range of wines and most of them have some ageing before going through the process to remove the alcohol. The person behind Oddbirds is Moa Gürbüzer from Sweden. She developed these wines in response to provide people with alternatives to drinking alcohol. So, essentially providing a wine experience without the alcohol. There are more than a dozen wines in the range. I have sampled just a few. Here are my thoughts on those I have sampled.

Oddbird Glera Sparkling

Oddbird Glera Sparkling is a dry sparkling white wine from Veneto, Italy. Of course, some winelovers might know that Glera is the grape that is the base grape of Prosecco wines. However this is not a Prosecco. The wine has flavours of nutty pear and apple. There is also some sour green apple character on the finish.

Oddbird markets this as 0% wine ‘liberated from alcohol’. 22 calories per 100 ml. £12.5 | €12

Oddbird Blanc de Blancs

The Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling wine from the French region of Langudeoc-Rousillon. It is made from Chardonnay and Colombard grapes. There is a creaminess to the flavours, with some apple, pear and bread. On the finish a distinct grape character persists and dominates.

Oddbird markets this as 0% wine ‘liberated from alcohol’. 18 calories per 100ml. £15 | €14

Oddbird Low Intervention White No.1

This Oddbird has the added advantage of being Organic.  It is made from a blend of Garganega & Vespaiola Grapes. Garganega is the focus grape for Soave wine from Veneto, Italy. It is no surprise then that this wine is also from Veneto. It is nutty with some citrus and apple. As a dry white, it has lots of fruity flavours but is lighter in body.

Oddbird markets this as  0% wine ‘liberated from alcohol’. 123calories per 125ml. £15 | €14

Oddbird Domaine De La Prade Organic Merlot Shiraz 

The Merlot Shiraz is also an Organic wine from Oddbird. It is from the South of France. It is a red wine blend that is medium bodied and fruity. The aromas and flavours are typical of the grape varieties used – blackberry and plum. However, there is a grape character that persists on the finish. 

Oddbird markets this as  0% wine ‘liberated from alcohol’. 19 calories per 100ml. £15 | €14

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