November 9, 2019

On delivery

What should I do with my wines?

Please open your box or bag and check the wines have not leaked. If there is a leak, please tighten the cap. But not too tight.

Please also check that you have recieved a tasting sheet with your wines. The wines are numbered to match the wines listed on the sheet or they have the wine name printed on a label.

If some perishable items, such as grapes and or lemon wedges, are in the box, please refrigerate these.

NOTE: Please be very careful when you DO open these small bottles (ie don’t open the bottles when you first receive them) during the session as some of them are very FULL! They have been filled to the top where a wine is in danger of oxidation. You will need to open these and pour them with great CARE!

DO NOT OPEN your wine bottles before the tasting or they may not be fresh for tasting. These wines need to be left unopened until just before tasting so they remain fresh for the tasting.


Are they all there? Do you have all the wines that were advertised with the session?

Half full? Please check the tasting notes for the wines either in the box or online to see if this is a fortified wine. If it is a Sherry, Port, Beaumes de Venise, Fortified Muscat or other fortified wine it will not be oxidised in the time between you receiving your wine and the session. We try not to do this, but sometimes it is inevitable due to the cost and availability of these wines.

If it is NOT a fortified wine, please contact Lisa immediately as she has either a) short changed you, or b) it has leaked.

Please store your small bottles upright where possible. This will prevent leaks. If your sample came in a wooden box, the box can be stored upright on the hinges.

Store away from heat! If your house is well heated in winter, please store in a cool spot. Even the fridge. If you store the wine in the fridge, although take them out of the box first. Please bring the red and fortified wine samples out at least two hours before the tasting to come up to room temperature.

Covid note: If you are handling the wine bottles within 48 hours of delivery, please wash your hands!

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