October 3, 2022

Pizzini – A tavola!

Pizzini A Tavola

Pizzini A tavola!

In my travels through the King Valley, Northern Victoria, I ventured across a winery that piqued my interest on many levels.  Not only was it located in an old tobacco processing shed set against picturesque mountains. Not only did it have great wines – including some of the best Italian varietals I’ve tasted outside of Italy. But it also had one of those family heritages that had me listening instead of talking. I know… stranger things have happened.

It’s about the heart of a family…

The fulcrum in the Pizzini family’s history was in the 1950’s. This is when the brothers Pizzini moved their families from Trentino-Alto Adige in the Italian alpine region to resetttle in the King Valley in Victoria. This family history has been lovingly embraced, and entwined with her own non-Italian background, in Katrina Pizzini’s cookbook. A cookbook that I am absolutely loving.

Pizzini A Tavola

The recipes become part of a story rather than following the traditional style of chapter headings.  This makes the book beautifully paced and gives meaning to each of the recipes.

The book is not limited to just the Italian classics. Katrina has created this book as a reflection of the Austrian-Italian culture from the Alto Adige region and has included a few Australian classics, such as Pavlova.  This means that you will find recipes for Canederli & Apple Strudel (Nonna’s no less!) sitting comfortably along side Poussin stuffed with porcini risotto. And the Rose pannacotta with perfumed quince.

Pizzini A Tavola

It goes without saying that each of the recipes has a wine suggestion to match. It certainly takes the strain out of thinking of the perfect wine match for yourself.  Of course, if you like the cookbook, you can always enrol in a session at the Pizzini A tavola! cooking school run at the winery.

PS.  Whether it be the wine, the food or just the view, the Pizzini family has made their cellar door experience one that you will remember.  It is so very warm & inviting. There is plenty of room for kids to run around, and plenty of wine for you to enjoy.  A ‘must visit’ kind of place.

Pizzina A tavola! ($39.95) from www.pizzini.com.au

this article was first published on www.sipyourstyle.com.au (2013) and updated 3rd October 2021



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