November 15, 2021

Rediscovering Beaujolais

If you need some inspiration to start your journey discovering Beaujolais, here are some to consider! If you want to know more about Beaujolais, please click here to read Beaujolais! It is not at all new-vo {new though…. }.

Jean Marc Burgaud Beaujolais Villages

Jean-Marc Burgaud Beaujolais Villages Lantignié

Beaujolais-Lantignié is one of the better wine regions that are able to attach their commune name to a village level wine. It is made from older vine fruit from clay soils. These soils give the grapes generous concentration. 

This wine is literally bursting with purple colour plus cherry and raspberry fruit and a herbal thyme lift. It is undoubtedly rounder and fuller bodied textured with some slightly gritty, tannins. The Beaujolais-Villages Lantignié finishes with a sour cherry and spice note. GB£14.3 | AU$37 | US$18

Jean Marc Burgaud Morgon

Jean-Marc Burgaud Morgon Grands Cras

Morgon is the second largest Cru in Beaujolais. Beaujolais lovers would know this region for some of the powerful versions of Beaujolais, with some muscular tannins. These tannins mean that they are able to live in the cellar for around decade. This Morgon has been mostly whole bunch pressed and after fermentation was matured in concrete until bottling. This has given the wine a spiciness. There is some ripe cherry berry fruit with an earthy savouriness. It is fuller in body, shapely and long. Without a doubt, a lush Beaujolais. One to keep! GB£19 | AU$52 | US$21

Frederic Berne Regnie Aux Bruyeres

Frederic Berne has been making Beaujolais wines under his own name since 2013 particularly from Lantignie, Morgon, Regnie and Chiroubles. The soils from the Aux Bruyeres parcel of vines are noted for its intensity and concentration. The wines are purple hued, and are fresh fruited and well structured. The ripeness of the raspberry, strawberry fruit, is detailed with cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. That spiciness is the result of 12 months in barrel. This is another Beaujolais that you might want to cellar. One to keep! GB£15

Domaine Gregoire Hoppenot Fleurie Clos de l’Amandier

This wine is a single vineyard wine from the Fleurie vineyard of ‘Clos de l’Amandier’. The wine certainly has the very fine tannin structure, with a freshness and a prettiness in its perfume. Sitting amongst the subtle stalkiness amongst the raspberry fruit and savoury olive and tomato detail as well. This savouriness carries though to the long finish. That finish with a spicy flourish is thanks to a portion of the wine spending just 8 months in seasoned oak.  Enjoy now or short term GB£24

Chateau Moulin a Vent Moulin-a-Vent

The Moulin-a-vent region produces powerfully built and expressive wines. Furthermore, they also are some of the longest lived wines of the Beaujolais ‘Cru’ level regions.  The current owner Jean-Jacques Parinet purchased the vineyards with the plan to make the best Moulin-a-Vent wines as possible. He extensively replanted the estate. And this wine is from the old vines. The average age of these vines is 80 years old. It goes without saying the wines are fragrant, fuller in body yet incredibly elegant with the extra fruit weight. As is typical from old vine fruit. 

It is earthy and minerally, almost truffley, yet has fresh raspberry atop deeper, ripe plum fruit. 60% whole bunches were used to retain the fresh aromatic perfume and only a small portion of the wine was aged in used French oak. This aging was quite extensive though, with that portion spending 18 months in oak while the rest matures in steel. As a result, this is a juicy and well structured wine with a long and detailed length to consider. This is surely a keeper too. One to keep! GB£19 | US$34 | AU$50

Magna Vinum Chiroubles Beaujolais

 Dominique Morel Magna Vinum Chiroubles

Dominique Morel’s hand-harvested Chiroubles vineyard is one of higher altitude vineyards in the region. Chiroubles is a region of granite hills and warm ampithreatre shaped vineyards that capture the sunshine. As a result, the summer fruit and deeper berry fruit flavours are well enhanced by spice and handful of dried herbs. This particular Beaujolais has elegant tannins, fuller body and a longer length.  In other words, this well structured wine has plenty of fruit to love. GB£14


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