November 11, 2021

Taylors Pinot Noir Chardonnay Non-Vintage

Taylors Pinot Noir Chardonnay Non-Vintage has become a staple on many wine shelves. However, Taylors have recently added some sparkle to their range with new packaging.

Taylor’s have captured the essence of summer fizz in the dry lemon, stonefruit and bread depths.  Creamy almonds round out the palate.  Soft, clean with fresh crispness along the long length, these bubbles offer refreshment on a warm summer day, a sense of occasion from the popping of the cork to the last sip.  A well made fizz with plenty to offer at a price that will please.

Country of Origin:  Australia
Tasting Date:

Price: AU$22
Drink: now
Needs food: no

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  1. Julian

    Great blog, I just stumbled into it as it were.

    I was in a shop the other day and a customer and shop assistant were clearly puzzling over a bottle of this wine. It turned out they were trying to work out if it was ‘champagne’. I advised that it was made of similar varieties etc and it was thus purchased. So in a way I was glad to read your positive review as I have found Taylor’s to be average at best in recent years.

    By the way I enjoyed your chardonnay posts. Just out of interest have you had the Hoddles Creek chardonnay, I’ve been sold on it for years.

  2. admin

    Hi Julian

    I have found that some wine store staff are just not given enough training, while some are just spot on. If you get the bottle with the screw cap, it would be quite confusing for some I imagine. However, for the price – this is a good option I find if you go for the cork closure. The St Andrews range for Taylors is usually good well crafted and the others in the range are good reliable options for the price. Have you tried the Taylors Winemaker’s Project wines? They have some pretty exciting wines in that range.

    Thanks for the love on the Chardonnay posts, I have not had a recent bottle of Hoddles Creek. I shall look for it.

    Kind Regards


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