November 24, 2022

The Wine Journal… A new annual for Australian wine lovers

The Wine Journal….Make way on that shelf, this new wine annual needs some space!

The Wine Journal is a book that is not quite what you expect when you first open it. I am not talking about the quality of the information, with Andrew Caillard MW and Angus Hughson as authors, the quality is undeniable. It is a given.

It is however a book that offers a mixture of wine reviews, and snippets of information covering such a wide range of topics.  From regional guides to winery specific guides.

The blurb says: 

“In this new wine lover’s annual, Andrew and Angus share key their recent discoveries, experiences, and behind-the-scenes insights about the best Australian, and selected international wines…”

That makes this book one to keep as a reference year after year.

What to expect?

This year covers Leeuwin Estate, dips into some history about Minchinbury and Seppelt, Jim Barry, Margaret River, Hunter Valley legends and wraps up the Penfolds Collection 2022.  Just to name a sample. It is not confined to Australian wine either.

When discussing Australian wine, according to this duo, among the hot topics at the moment are: Grenache, Aussie Sparkling is taking on the world, Chardonnay is back  (Australia is now making some of the best on the planet) and 2018 was a star vintage. 

But ….

The final pages of this year’s book is dedicated to Festive wines. My only comment here is that five fizzes just don’t cover it. Not only that….. no sparkling reds? For Christmas? Tut! But a fine selection wines nonetheless.

The details for this book are : 

The Wine Journal
Andrew Caillard MW & Angus Hughson
Published by Longueville Media, Australia

Released November 2022

$29.95 AUD

See for more details.

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