November 9, 2019

Tips for using MS Teams

To join your Winemusing Session, you will be sent an invite contains a link to Microsoft Teams.

If you have not used teams before, this link should allow you to join from a PC using your browser (Chrome or a Window’s browser) without you needing to download an app. However, if you are using this on a tablet, it may require you to download an app to use.

Note from Lisa: It is not a requirement that you use the app for this event, but you will be subjected to seeing only me or a deck of slides for the entire meeting.

From feedback, some people do not enjoy the event as much using the ‘in-browser’ experience as when they can see everyone.

Difference between an ‘in-app’ experience vs ‘in-browser’ experience

For the best experience and so you can see all the others who have joined, I find a PC/laptop gives the best result vs a small screen or an in-browser experience. The difference between an in-app vs in-browser experience is that in the browser experience you will only see the organiser and yourself.

You will hear others, but you will not see their video feed just a symbol indicating that they are present.

Using the app, even the free MS Teams app, means that you will see the video feed of all participants.

To use Teams in any format you may need to create a Microsoft account if you do not have one. This is free.

Testing the link

You can test the link sent to you anytime before the session starts to see if it works. It will take you through to the ‘waiting room’ if the link is working for you. You can leave the waiting room and rejoin the session at the start time on the night.

Microsoft gives more details to using teams on the link below:

PS. Winemusing has NO affiliation with Microsoft. Teams is used due to price considerations and it allowing longer than 40 minute sessions unpaid.

And for anyone new to Microsoft Teams….

Here are some handy tips…


Looking for a something specific, please use search:

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