October 27, 2022

Turkey Flat Shiraz

Who makes it?

Turkey Flat is the name of Barossan estate planted in 1847 and owned by the 1860’s by the Schulz family. According to Christie Schulz, Shiraz vines planted there in 1847 are still producing wine and are some of the oldest in Australia. Due to Phylloxera decimating vineyards through out Europe, these are therefore also some of the oldest Syrah vines in the world.

The Estate produces a wine from those vines. The Ancestor Shiraz is made from those original vines. However, this Turkey Flat Shiraz is made from more recent additions to the vineyard.

By the way, about the bird on the front…. That is a ‘Plains’ Turkey which is actually a ‘bustard’. However, that name Plains Turkey still persists.

How do they make it?

The Turkey Flat Shiraz is 100% Barossa Valley Shiraz that has been matured for 18 months in a mix of new and seasoned French oak. It has been made with a view to cellar for mid to long term.

What does it taste like?

Being from the Barossa, unsurprisingly, this is unashamedly shapely and rich. At this time, it needs either time or some food. There is some fresh raspberry fruit overlaying the deeper blackberry fruit. The fruit is complemented by pepper, nutmeg and an earthy edge. It is fuller body and has a creamy oak that fills the mouth. There is no denying the shapely tannins hence it is long and lush.

What to drink it with?

The Turkey Flat Shiraz is a wine that will be an especially good match for a special meal as it is for a casual one. It moves smoothly from juicy burger or venison sausages with truffle mash to a delicious beef wellington. 


Cheddar is good. As is Manchego.

Quickie review « Peppery, berry and made for a long term. This is classic high quality Shiraz. »

Country of Origin: Barossa Valley, Australia
Tasting Date: June 2022
Price:   AUD$65  
Drink: now – 7+ years
Needs food: it would be better at the moment, it does need some while young.
Source: tasting

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