January 16, 2024

Two Alcohol Free from French Bloom

French Bloom is an organic ‘alcohol free’ wine based producer. Like Oddbird, French Bloom was created by women who have created the brand only producing alcohol free drink based on wine. Although Oddbird wines are purely grape products. French Bloom is not. 

To read more about Oddbird, please click here. 

They have two sparkling wine based drinks. A blanc and a rosé. What is interesting with this brand is that the wines also may include flavourings, sparkling water and lemon juice as per their ingredient list.  I believe the wine base for these wines is a vacuum distilled Chardonnay wine.

French Bloom Le Blanc

This drink is based on Chardonnay. La Blanc is a fuller bodied sparkling wine. The flavours here are of apple, lemon citrus and some biscuit notes. While there is more detail then you might expect, the finish is very lemony. Almost like lemonade. 

28 calories per 100 ml. 0% on the label.  £29  | €29 | AU$48 | US$39

French Bloom Le Rosé

Le Rosé is also predominantly based on Chardonnay grapes. It does have a dollop of Pinot Noir as well though as you might expect from a pink fizz. There is plenty of strawberry and lemon fruit giving this drink a lift. It does have some yeasty biscuit notes too. This fruit is concentrated and intense. There is a persistent grapey finish as it finishes.

28 calories per 100 ml. 0% on the label.   £34 | €34 | AU$56 | US$44

See French Bloom for more details. 


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