November 10, 2018

Understanding those Croatian wine labels … a brief guide…..

This is a handy reference for understanding Croatian wine labels, particularly if you are buying your wine while you are visiting there.

There are three designated quality levels for Croatian wines that should guide you in choosing your wines:

Vrunsko Vino– this is the highest or ‘Premium’ quality wine classification for Croatia
Kvalitetno Vino– this wine has been designated as ‘Quality’ wine
Stolno Vino– this is the wine that qualifies as table wine and will usually be a simple style wine.

If a wine label has a variety mentioned it must be at least 85% of that grape variety in the wine.

Here are some more terms that you might find on a Croatian wine label

vino iz Hrvatske= wine from Croatia
vinogorje= literally translated to ‘wine hills’ but denotes a particular region (followed by a place)
sadrzi= contains (used for allergen warning)


bijelo= white
crno= red (translates to ‘black’)
rosa= rosè

Levels of sweetness:

suho= dry
polusuho= medium dry
slatko= sweet
Prošek= this is a dried grape dessert wine like Vin Santo from Italy and is a speciality of Dalmacija.

These are the very basic labelling terms that may appear on a Croatian wine. As to the grape varieties – there are many native varieties so I will not attempt to list them here as I am sure that other sites will keep a more up to date listing.

Good luck in your exploration of Croatian wine!


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