November 7, 2019

Voyager Estate Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Voyager Estate

This sparkling wine forms part of Voyager Estate’s ‘Project’ range and it is a rather exciting addition at that. Voyager Estate is well known for their excellent wines, in particular their Margaret River heros, Cabernet and Chardonnay line ups. The estate also produces a fine Chenin Blanc. This sparkling chenin is a tip of the hat to sparkling Vouvray, a region and style that should be much more popular.

In the glass, these bubbles shine fresh and bright. The aromas of apple, floral and talc take on a slight smoky nuance as well as a spiciness. That soft spice and cream arises from spending just 6 months resting on lees. Just enough to gain a subtle complexity leaving the fruit to the limelight. It also has added some weight, although it is still little more than medium bodied. There is plenty of generosity in the intensity of fruit. The intensity of that sweetly ripe fruit rounds out the palate and just a small dollop of sugar (round 6 gram/Litre) works to balance out and soften the acid.

It is a wine that has wide appeal and certainly offers lovers of Prosecco more than just soft, sweet and fruity bubbles. Pop a bottle to enjoy anytime bubbles are called for. However, I would enjoy it anytime. With canapes, with lunch, with dinner, or simply with friends…..

Quickie review «A irresistibly delicious alternative to the usual traditionally made fizz and Prosecco. It is very foodworthy as well.»

Country of Origin: Margaret River, Australia
Tasting Date: September 2019
Price: AU$30
Drink: now – 4 years
Needs food: no
Source: tasting

Visit Voyager Estate’s website for more details.


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