December 8, 2016

Wine of the Month: Champagne Georges de la Chapelle Brut Millesime 2006


The Prat family are a ‘hands on’ Champagne family and this wine is a testament to their passion for their work. A blend of Champagne classic grapes – Chardonnay (65%), Pinot Noir (20%) and Pinot Meunier (15%) from their own vineyards across Champagne sub-regions that give the family their best fruit. The wine I enjoyed was disgorged in March 2016 after nearly a decade of languishing on lees.

This time out was certainly not wasted and the wine has a freshness that comes naturally to these later disgorged Champagnes. It has detailed, evocative scents of honeysuckle, lemon brioche, luxurious nougat, ginger along with some light strawberry and citrus fruits. And that is before you even take a sip!

In the mouth, the Georges de la Chapelle Brut Millesime 2006 is dry and the soft generous curves still hold a tighter line across the palate. The floral and spice notes linger making this a ‘settle-in’ wine that you really should take the time to get to know. Do not overchill it else it will harden up and you will lose the prettiness. There is enough substance to it to work well with food. A glass before lunch or dinner, with appetisers perhaps, and then enjoy it with a light starter or lunch.

Quickie review «fresh, softly curvaceous, perfumed fizz, versatile and generous »

Country of Origin: France  Date: 21th August 2016    Price: EU30 Drink: now – 3 yrs   Needs food: no   Source: tasting

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